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Susan Harris

Wonderful, but I want to know more. Like, how tall is it before mowing? And what's the main grass in it and how tall is it? And is that first photo a before or an after?

Ginny Stibolt

All the photos were taken last Saturday (May 7th) including the top photo of the club house.

They mow the meadow once a year in Jan. or Feb. to cut back the woody plants. St. Augustine usually receives several hard freezes during those months. But the volunteers do some "editing" throughout the year to keep some of the over-zealous plants from taking over. In the photo the volunteer is cutting back some flat-topped goldenrod (Euthamia caroliniana).

There are a number of grasses in the meadow, but I did not pay too much attention to them. And the people providing the tours around the meadow did not mention the grasses other than the gamma grass.

Billy Goodnick

Ginny: So exciting to see lawn replacements that are viable and that have captured the attention of so many people. Keep carrying on the good work and bringing it to everyone's attention.

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